Bandits go North into South Korea / by Chris Norman

Photography can be a great industry, it occasionally let’s you travel to different parts of the globe. We were asked by GM Korea to come over and shoot a concept car in a studio in Seoul. The shoot went great, big cyc, plenty of lights, which thankfully generated plenty of warmth considering it was below freezing most of the time outside..! It was a one day shoot, and 2 days of post/retouching. The job went really really well….! We even had a bit of free time to get out of the hotel and see some sights, check out the markets, and fed ourselves with some great food..! Pics of the car still to come, we can’t post them until the car gets released in March at the Geneva Motor Show…! The pic above is Tim, Chris, Jekong (the Jono’ stand in) & Michael. We had a couple of hours to kill so Jekong took us for a drive to show us some of the sights. Thanks again Jekong, we’ll hopefully repay the favour when you come back to Australia someday…!